The Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea & Bagged.

The Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea & Bagged.

The Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea & Bagged.
The truth is, the tea in the bagged tea you purchase, is often the dust and broken pieces of the actual tea leaves.
Because they are broken (and sometimes almost just dust), the tea has lost most of its quality.
Often when steeped it tastes bitter (the aroma has been released in the breaking of the leaves).
There’s also a good chance that the tea at the grocery store has been sitting on its shelves for a while.
Even if it was a loose leaf variety has probably lost some of its potency.
On top of that, most bagged tea has been so heavily processed that there’s little left of what was the goodness of the actual tea.
Thus, if you’re looking for health benefits of loose leaf tea, bagged isn’t really the way to go.
Loose leaf tea on the other hand, is still in its purest form and often much less processed from picking to steeping.
Because of this, it not only retains it’s delicious aroma and flavor, but all of its original loose leaf tea benefits as well.
Not all teas are created equal. Many companies add artificial ingredients, sweeteners and sugars to their teas to create flavour – Not what we are wanting at all, When the point of loose leaf tea is to boost your health profile.
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Wow, I never knew this. Very interesting and makes total sense

Shirley van Staden

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