Welcome to Earth's Sacred Basket

Welcome to Earth's Sacred Basket

Anam Cara,

We continue to disconnect ourselves from the natural world so much so to the extent that it is easy—and often convenient—to forget that nature remains as giving as ever, even as it vanishes bit-by-bit.

When it comes to discovering medicinal products found in nature, We’ve barely scratched the surface. Thankfully, The use of herbal medicine, as one element of complementary and alternative medicine, is increasing worldwide
Our modern lifestyles have disconnected us from our roots, living hand in hand with our natural world. While some of the indigenous wisdom of herbal use may have been lost in some places, the plants still exist.
Only in relatively recent times have we lost touch with these ancient healing agents in favor of modern drugs.
With every habitat that falls to the chainsaw or disappears under the plough or concrete, we impoverish nature and deprive ourselves of potential medicines.

We take delight in joining hands with you to offer you the wonders of Earth's Sacred Basket.

May the blessings of the earth be on you.

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