Psychospiritual Aspects

Psychospiritual Aspects

In the West, our concept of health is largely limited to nutrition, disease and the study of the body in isolation from the mind and spirit. However, this division only exists in the mind of man, for truly there is no separation between any aspects of the mind-body-spirit triad. A problem in one area automatically begets an energetic disturbance in another. In order to truly heal and address an issue or disease we are facing which is manifest in a physical symptom or complaint, we must also heal the spiritual and mental disturbances which gave rise to the problem in the first place, otherwise it will simply reappear in another form. Symptoms in the physical body are meant to alert us to the fact that something in our spiritual/mental realm is out of alignment and needs to be addressed.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for anyone interested in deep, profound levels of healing and health to begin to consider the higher psycho-spiritual aspects of the organ system in the body. Thankfully, the Chinese Medicine Tradition has been meticulously documenting this relationship for millennia and has developed a highly sophisticated, comprehensive system of understanding the relationships between the mind, spirit and the physical manifestations of these aspects of the self. The article below is a fascinating read and is at a very high level, however, there are many of you ready for this type of information and so it is that we happily present this incredible wealth of knowledge to you.

– Truth

Psychospiritual Aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Notes for a talk given by the British acupuncturist and herbalist at East West Seminar at Bore Farm, July, 1997
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