Tasseography, Art of reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography, Art of reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography, What Do the Forms in Your Coffee or Tea Cup Mean?

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy, tassology, or tasseology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.

As with all good tea ceremonies, there is a ritual to tasseography.

First, you can either read your own tea leaves, or someone else can read them for you. But the leaves being read must be the leaves of the “querent.” This is the person seeking answers. It is important for the querent to clear their mind while drinking the tea and focus on the specific question they have, as general questions will result in more general, vague answers.

If someone else is reading the tea leaves after the querent has finished drinking the tea, that person is called the reader. A querent can also be the reader of their own tea leaves.

After drinking the tea and leaving only a small amount of liquid in the bottom of the cup, along with the leaves,The following ritual should be observed:

  • Holding the cup in their left hand, the querent slowly swirls the teacup from left to right. The person who is seeking answers to their questions must be the person who does this.
  • Still using the left hand, invert the cup onto the saucer. Leave it upside down for around a minute.
  • Turn the cup right side up, positioning the handle of the cup due south. Inside the cup, you’ll see tea leaves stuck to the cup in various places and in a variety of shapes.

The Process of Reading Tea Leaves:

1. Choose An Appropriate Cup:
Since you will be reading out the tea leaves from the cup, it is important to choose something that you can see properly. Clear cups or light colored interiors serve the best purpose. It is also recommended to not use a mug, as the bottom might not be circular. You can also choose a bowl.

2. Choose Some Tea Leaves:
You should choose tea leaves that are fine in size instead of large ones because the fine ones stick better to the cup and create a clearer picture.

3. Brew The Tea:
Take about one teaspoon full of tea and brew it in the water. Do it somewhere away from noises and distractions, and let yourself get used to the calm surrounding. You can stare into the bowl brewing the tea to calm your mind.

4. Concentrate:
After you have finished brewing the tea, pour it into a cup and start sipping it all the while thinking about the question that you want an answer to. Maybe you want to know what will happen 2 weeks later, or maybe you want to know why it is raining on a winter evening. Focus on the question, and keep your mind alert.

5. Turn The Cup Over:
Now, when you have almost finished drinking your tea, it is time to flip the cup. Give the cup three swirls from right to left. Place a small saucer on top of the cup, and flip it upside down. This way, the liquid will come out, while the tea leaves will remain in the cup for you to read.

6. Do The Reading:
Now it is finally time to read the leaves! Keep going right from your initial position, and take notes of all the signs and symbols that you are seeing. Do not only focus on the large symbols since the small ones play a huge role too.

7. Interpret:
Now that you have seen all the symbols in the tea leaves, it is time to interpret them. Different people do this step differently according to their values and points of views. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow when interpreting the meaning and context of these signs. These guidelines are also given here below.

Placements of Tasseography Symbols
The placement of a tasseography symbol within the cup often changes its meaning, whether slightly or completely. Here are two examples of this:

  1. A clover near the top of the cup means good luck will come soon, but the closer it gets to the bottom means the more distant the luck is.
  2. A dog symbolizes good friends if near the top of the cup, unfaithful friends if near the middle and secret enemies if at the bottom.

How the symbols interact with other, nearby symbols can change their meanings, as well. For example, hands are interpreted in relation to what's near them, such as what they are pointing toward or reaching toward.

Also, the overall placement of symbols in the cup can change their meanings. Some readers divide the cup into sections to read with regard to the wish or question the reader has focused on for the reading. Here are a few methods of this:

  1. Divide the cup into vertical halves (left and right), using the handle to the right as an anchor point. The symbols on the left side are potential negative outcomes, while the symbols on the right are potential positive outcomes.
  2. Divide the cup in the same way, but use them to answer "yes" or "no" to the question of the querent.
  3. Divide the cup into horizontal halves (top and bottom). The bottom half signifies the past and the top half signifies the future.

A little background on the importance of the cup and what its various parts and positions signify. 

The handle.  The teacup handle is the energy conduit that connects the physical and abstract realm and is the “south” point of the compass. It represents the querent -- in astrology, the fourth house, which governs home and family, is also located in this position at the base of the astrological chart. Tea leaves near the handle can represent events relative to the querent’s immediate surroundings; leaves directly across from the handle can symbolize external issues and outside influences. Leaves nearest the handle represent the greatest chance of being fulfilled.

The rim. This part of the cup represents the present, so leaves in this area indicate a more immediate time frame.

The sides. This part of the cup represents the near future, events that are not immediate but not too far away.

The bottom. The bottom of the cup represents the distant future.

Why Do The Readings Vary?

Although the symbols and the meanings are pretty much the same for every reader, the interpretation is different. This is mostly due to the uniqueness of each reader and the difference in the following things-

1. Context:
While a ring might mean a marriage to one, it might mean a broken engagement to another reader. The reason for this might be the surrounding symbols or the minor differences in the quality of the ring. Therefore, the context of the picture needs to be understood clearly before interpreting it.

2. Size:
The size of the symbols also plays a big role. If there are a bird and a tree in your cup, the bigger one will have the most effects as a sign.

3. Thickness:
The thickness of the tea leaves in a particular symbol also makes a huge difference. For example, if the leaves are densely accumulated at the bottom of the cup, it is a bad sign. But if they are scattered all around, it is a good sign.

4. Placement:
Placement also plays a huge role in varying meanings. The same sign could mean something different when it is at the bottom of the cup than when it is at the side of the cup. It is the same for directions. An upward arm means new directions, while a downward arrow means a lack of focus.

Now, you can see your future for yourself, or even be the center of your family and friends gatherings when you do it for them! So go on, brew that cup of tea, and dive into this world full of surprises!

If you are not experienced at reading symbols, practice,
learn to trust and follow your inuition.

Traditional Meanings of

Common Tasseography Symbols

🌺☕   A

Abbey.—A sign of increasing wealth and comfort; you will gain much success in your life.

Ace of Clubs.—This signifies good news through the post.

Ace of Diamonds.—You will be gratified by a good present or sum of money.

Ace of Hearts.—Shows affection and happiness in the home.

Ace of Spades.—A large town or building.

Acorn.—This is a symbol of health, strength and gain through industry, a sowing of which you will see the reaping, a short journey from which there may be great results; good fortune and ease are predicted by several acorns.

Aircraft.—If flying towards consultant, hasty news or an unexpected journey; if stationary it gives warning that you will have but little success in your life unless you come out of the rut into which you have fallen.

Albatross.—If seen with the sign of a ship or water it portends distress for those at sea; to sailors or to those associated with them it is an omen of sadness, meaning sorrow and sometimes death.

Alderman.—To workers this is a sign that if they proceed with caution they will become prosperous.

Alligator.—This is a bad sign of personal danger and distress possibly caused by those nearest to you; it also shows much mental disturbance and worry; if very near consultant a catastrophe is imminent.

Almonds.—These denote festivities and social enjoyment, good and generous friends.

Altar.—If with a figure near, sorrow and distress are foreshown.

Anchor.—A pleasing symbol of good and loyal friends, constancy in love, and the realisation of your wishes; an emblem of safety to a sailor.

Anemone.—These flowers often indicate an event to be expected in the early autumn; the nature of it must be judged by other signs in the cup.

Angel.—This is a symbol of good fortune in love, radiance, happiness, and peace.

Angel (Flying).—A token of love and joy which are swiftly approaching you.

Antlers.—An accident is predicted by this symbol.

Anvil.—Your strength and energy will bring you much success in new plans or enterprises.

Ape.—This animal points to the fact that you have a secret enemy; it denotes malicious and dangerous persons whose tongues are to be feared; it is also a sign of despondency, care, anxiety, and fraud.

Apples.—A pleasant sign of happiness, cheerful conditions, good health, and fortune.

Apple Trees.—These predict a happy event in the apple season.

Apron.—Near consultant brings a new friend; at a distance new work or acquaintances.

Arab.—This symbol points to a need for caution in choosing your friends, or you may find yourself in the power of someone who will prove to be an undesirable companion.

Arch.—Things which you desire are developing in the wished-for direction; the arch is a sign of hope; your ambition may be gratified in a most unexpected manner. See also Triumphal Arch.

Ark.—This symbol assures you of security and of finding refuge in times of distress and turmoil.

Arm.—If curved, it signifies love, protection, care and strength; stretched out, that a new influence will come into your life which will prove to be an endless source of joy and love.

Armour.—A suit of armour foretells that you will be called upon to face difficulties and dangers and that you will come through them with courage. See Knight in Armour.

Arrow.—Unpleasant news or a disagreeable letter from the direction in which it comes.

Artichoke.—This signifies sadness, disappointment and delay; sometimes a secret trouble is indicated by this symbol.

Artist.—To see an artist at work, indicates association with those who study art; also a happy nature finding much joy and beauty in life.

Artist's Mahl Stick.—This implies an artistic temperament, a dislike of daily duties or irksome tasks, and a fretting under any routine; a lack of attention to detail is also a usual characteristic of this symbol.

Arum Lily.—This flower stands for dignity, expectancy, and calm; its fuller meanings must be judged by other symbols around it.

Ass.—If its head is towards consultant, a piece of good news or an event which has long been waited for is near; if its tail, then further patience is necessary, for there will be delay; if it gallops, it gives warning that if people allow themselves to become too boring their friends may reasonably, be expected to avoid them.

Asters.—These flowers indicate a smooth though possibly a somewhat monotonous life; they also show a settled state of mind and sound judgment; if seen in the form of a wreath a death is predicted.

Automatic Machine.—This signifies a lack of initiative and consequent failure in arriving at any great achievement.

Axe.—This shows mastery and power to overcome difficulties; sometimes separation.

🌺☕   B

Baby.—A naked baby near consultant is a sign of sadness and disappointment caused by those who are nearest and dearest; to some it is a sign of money worries; a baby in arms means reconciliation.

Bacon.—Pieces of bacon signify good luck and profitable business.

Badger.—For a maid, or a bachelor, this symbol predicts a single life, but one of freedom, health and success; for the married, it implies regret that they did not remain unmarried.

Bagpipes.—This symbol gives warning of coming sorrow or much agitation and disturbance.

Ball.—See Football.

Ballet Dance.—This is a forecast of unsuccessful plans.

Balloon.—A symbol which indicates that much is attempted but little achieved; there is a passing enthusiasm for various experiments and new ideas, but the interest soon flags, and finally vanishes as the balloon in the clouds.

Bananas.—These promise gratification and the occurrence of those things which are most pleasing to you; also a prediction of much happiness and success in love affairs.

Banner.—This is a symbol of a prosperous life for a man and of a wealthy marriage for a woman.

Barber.—This signifies the approach of a new interest coming into your life, which will lead you to be most particular as to your personal appearance.

Barrel.—Festivity, possibly a picnic; several barrels, prosperity.

Barrel Organ.—Melancholy and a distaste for present circumstances.

Basin.—This symbol stands for small ailments and minor worries; a broken basin, domestic annoyance.

Basket.—Domestic duties and family cares; if full, a present given or received.

Basket of Flowers.—Happiness and contentment, fulfilled desires.

Bassoon.—This musical instrument implies that your energy is apt to exceed your wit.

Bat.—See Cricket Bat.

Bath.—This indicates grief or dismay.

Bats.—An ill omen showing sickness and trouble in the home; with other signs, a prediction of death.

Bayonet.—A sign to be feared; it shows danger of operation, wounds, and pain.

Beans.—These show quarrels and disputes with relations.

Bear.—A journey north, sometimes prolonged travel. See also Polar Bear.

Bed.—A visit, illness; or death, according to other symbols.

Beef.—A round of beef foretells coming financial worries.

Beehive.—This is a symbol of eloquence, mental capacity, and much energy in forming new schemes and carrying them through; also of attainment to power and honour.

Bees.—These foretell success through your own ability, many friends and enjoyment of life to the full. See also Bumble Bee.

Beetle.—This signifies unrest, domestic tribulation, or disagreements; several beetles, that there is a risk of slander and abuse by those whom you regard as friends.

Beetroot.—This symbol indicates that someone will try to do you a bad turn, but it will fail in its object and rather turn out as a benefit.

Bell.—Amazing news according to other signs in the cup; several bells indicate a wedding. See also Canterbury Bells, Diving Bell, Handbell.

Belladonna Lily.—This flower is a sign of hope, love, happiness, and the leading of an upright and honourable life.
Bellows.—These show an endeavour to make the best of a bad business.

Besom.—This gives a caution to avoid meddling in other people's affairs or you may find yourself regarded as an unpleasant busybody.

Bier.—A symbol of death; if near consultant, a personal sorrow, otherwise of a less personal nature.

Billiard table.—Pleasure followed by regret.

Bird Feeding Young.—After a time of patient waiting, your desires will be fulfilled.

Bird of Paradise.—Difficulties and trials are vanishing and a future of comfort and pleasure awaits you.

Bird on a Perch.—If near consultant, news resulting in pleasant plans; if at some distance, there is a doubt of the news being sent.

Birds.—These are significant of happiness and joyful tidings; a single bird flying means speedy news, telegrams; birds in a row on a branch or line show that there will be vexatious delay in receiving some wished-for news; birds in a circle denote cogitation followed by swift decision. See also Clapper for Scaring Birds and Stuffed Birds.

Birds in Cage.—This implies that a variety of causes prevents you from obtaining your dearest wish; should the cage door be open, obstacles will shortly be removed and great happiness will be yours.

Bird's Nest.—This signifies a happy discovery, leading to a fortunate enterprise brought about to a great extent by your own patience and ability; it is also a good omen of love, friends, and increase of fortune.

Biscuits.—These seen in various shapes and sizes foretell the occurrence of pleasant events.

Bishop.—A sign of benevolence, authority, and progress; in cope and mitre, preferment and honour.

Bluebells.—These indicate that an event bringing you much satisfaction and pleasure may be expected to take place in the spring.

Bluebottle Fly.—Unpleasantness and jealousy will be aroused by your success.

Boar.—This animal shows much energy and push though not always in the right direction to bring you unqualified success; it is also a sign of obstacles in your path.

Boat.—Success in a new enterprise; seen with clouds, troubles and disappointment. See also Ferryboat.

Bomb.—This foretells a personal disaster or news of an explosion and loss of life.

Bones.—These are an indication of misfortune surmounted with courage.

Bonnet.—This implies that youth will be past before you have the best happiness of your life. See also Widow's Bonnet.

Book.—An open book shows a desire for information and a mind ever on the alert to understand new theories and facts; a closed book is a sign of expectancy.

Bookcase.—This is a pleasing symbol of coming success through study and perseverance.

Boomerang.—This sign means news from Australia, or that some unexpected development will lead to your having a great interest in that country; with signs of travel, that you will make your home there.

Bootblack.—A bootblack is a sign of failure in your work.

Boots.—These show fortunate business, a good income, and the gratification of your tastes and pleasures; boots of a curious shape foretell an unfortunate enterprise ending in failure.

Boot-tree.—A lucky surprise.

Border.—See Flower Border.

Bottle.—A sign of happy days; several bottles indicate extravagant tastes; small bottles, illness.

Bouquet.—This is a most fortunate symbol of coming happiness, love, fulfilled hope, and marriage.

Bow.—A sign of reunion after absence or estrangement.

Bow and Arrow.—This denotes that there is unpleasant talk of your personal affairs which may do you harm.

Bower.—Happiness in love is proclaimed by this symbol.

Box.—An open box foreshows a troubled love affair; a closed box, that you will find something which you had lost.

Boy.—This symbol must be read in accordance with other signs in the cup.

Bracelet.—A discovery made too late.

Branch.—A large branch is a sign of much independence and of success in carrying out an undertaking; the larger it is the greater your success; a broken branch signifies an attempt to organise a project or new scheme which will end in failure.

Bread.—A loaf of bread is a sign of the commonplace and of monotony; several loaves give warning against waste and extravagance, for a shortage of corn is threatened; loaves of bread with crossed swords above them predict mutiny and disaffection among those whom the world trusted.

Bricklayer's Trowel.—A task which you have in hand will be successfully carried out.

Bricks.—These signify new plans and enterprises which will lead to prosperity.

Bride.—This sign indicates a wedding, coming joy, or a rival in your affections, according to other symbols around it.

Bridge.—An advantageous opportunity; a fortunate journey. See also Suspension Bridge.

Bridle.—This points to the fact that you greatly object to interference or authority, and that you will always be "top dog" with your friends.

Brooch.—This indicates that you are likely to make a discovery greatly to your advantage, and may in time turn it to good account in the development of a patent; a brooch with dots around it predicts a present.

Broom.—This signifies that there is need for you to be careful in the choice of your friends, and to avoid rushing into an intimacy which you might later have cause to regret.

Bubbles.—See Child Blowing Soap Bubbles.

Buckles.—These foretell that some important arrangement of much personal advantage will fall through in an unforeseen manner, causing disappointment and dismay.

Buffalo.—A most unexpected and unusual happening, possibly causing agitation and uncertainty as to the best way to proceed.

Bugle.—This shows a desire for admiration and notice from all whom you meet; it also implies that it is high time to arouse yourself and become more energetic and industrious.

Building.—A sign of removal.

Bull.—An ill omen of misfortune, attacks of pain, or of slander by some enemy; if it gallops with tail up, personal danger or illness of someone dear to you.

Bumble Bee.—This shows a cheerful disposition, making the best of everyone and everything, easily gratified tastes and pleasures; many friends and social success; with other signs, travel is indicated.

Buns.—These signify social amusements and duties, also that you usually take a cheery view of things even in troublesome circumstances.

Buoy.—This is a symbol of hope; you have a good friend in all weathers

Bush.—Invitations and social enjoyments.

Butter.—This signifies good fortune and success, the comforts of life, and a desire for the best of everything.

Butterfly.—Passing pleasure, power of attraction, many admirers, and flirtations; to the lover it speaks of inconstancy.

Buttonhook.—An exchange between friends, successfully organised plans, and a propitious meeting.

Buttons.—If of various size and shape they mean that there will be many suggestions as to arrangements and new plans without anything definite being settled.

🌺☕   C

Cab.—A sign of gloom, sadness and parting.

Cabbage.—This symbol points out that in spite of thrift and diligence, you will never be very rich.

Cabinet.—An unexpected and fortunate discovery, giving you much pleasure and satisfaction, possibly wealth and unthought-of prosperity.

Cage.—An empty cage shows that you expect to find all manner of amiable qualities in others which are entirely lacking in yourself. See also Birds in Cage.

Cakes.—New friends, social success, invitations, and hospitality. See also Wedding Cake.

Calf.—This signifies a need for gentleness and kindness to those with whom you associate.

Camel.—A responsibility satisfactorily carried out; sometimes frustrated plans and endless delays; a camel laden means wealth from an unexpected source abroad.

Camera.—This proclaims the fact that you are too fond of gathering new or clever ideas from others, with a view to passing them off as your own original thoughts whenever the opportunity arises.

Campanulas.—These flowers indicate that your hope is centred on one desire, and assure you of the certainty of obtaining your wish.

Candle.—This is significant of trials, worries, or illness.

Candle Extinguisher.—An uncomfortable incident or episode which will put you out considerably.

Candlestick.—You have need to look at things from a wider point of view; to make the best of yourself you must cultivate perception.

Cannon.—This denotes military and naval display and good fortune; with pleasant symbols around or near, such as a crown or star, promotion for someone dear to you in the service.

Canoe.—This implies that a new friendship will eventually lead to a happy love affair.

Canopy.—This brings success through the help and interest of those who are socially or mentally your superiors.

Canterbury Bells.—These graceful flowers indicate that your happiness is to a great extent dependent upon others; if the figure of a woman appeared beside the flowers it will be through a woman that your best happiness comes, if a man were seen it will be one of the male sex to whom you must look for your chief joy in life.

Cap.—This warns you to be cautious in your dealings with those of the opposite sex; it also points to the fact that those things which you desire to hide will become known. See also Peaked Cap.

Capstan.—To those associated with the sea, this symbol gives warning of storms; to others, it predicts association with sailors or yachtsmen.

Carafe.—A pleasure which will depend entirely upon yourself is the meaning of this symbol.

Caravan.—This signifies an independent nature, desiring to live a roaming life free of restrictions; should a horse be harnessed to the caravan your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Cards.—See Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Spades.

Carnations.—These sweet-scented flowers bring happiness, faithfulness, love, and good friends.

Carpenter at Work.—Necessary arrangement of your affairs is the meaning of this symbol.

Carriage and Horses.-This foretells that your affairs will prosper and that you may reasonably expect the comforts of life; a carriage without horses means that your riches will be transitory, leaving you in poverty; with other signs it denotes that you may be the victim of scandal.

Carrying Chair.—An omen of illness or accident.

Cart.—A symbol of fluctuation in fortune and of a tedious waiting for any settled improvement in financial affairs.

Carving.—Handsome carving is a sign of satisfaction and development.

Castle.—You may expect fortune to smile upon you; a crumbling castle denotes disappointment and ill success in love and marriage.

Cat.—This is an uncomfortable sign of trickery, meanness, and quarrels among relations, money matters probably being the disturbing cause; a cat jumping shows worries and difficulty.

Caterpillar.—You are likely to be criticized unkindly by those who are envious of you, although you have no suspicion that these people are anything but friendly in their feeling towards you; there is slyness and deception, and it would be well to be on your guard or you may find unpleasant gossip has been spread about you.

Cathedral.—Prosperity, contentment, and happiness with those whom you love is the meaning of this symbol.

Cattle.—Profitable transactions.

Cauldron.—New opportunities which need careful consideration.

Cauliflower.—This signifies that even your best friends cannot describe you as constant or reliable.

Cave.—Unless you rouse yourself and use a little more push, you are likely to remain in obscurity all your life.

Celery.—A vigorous body and active mind which will preserve the energies of youth to a good old age.

Chain.—An engagement or wedding; an entangled chain means a dilemma which will tax your ingenuity to the utmost; a long, thick chain indicates ties that you wish to undo; a broken one, trouble in store.

Chair.—A small chair shows an arrival; a large one, deliberation over a new plan. See also Carrying Chair, Rocking Chair.

Chatelaine.—This signifies that a variety of people will be instrumental in your career; it is also an indication that you are somewhat inclined to depend too much on sentimental and demonstrative affection.

Champagne Glass.—This is a symbol of good fortune and delight; to the sick, a good omen of recovery.

Cheese.—A large cheese denotes that you will benefit by the generosity of prosperous friends.

Cherries.—A love affair, happiness, and health, are the meanings of this symbol.

Chessmen.—These announce the fact that you will be troubled by matters which are difficult to adjust to your satisfaction, and you must expect a certain amount of anxiety and worry.

Chestnut Tree.—An event of interest and importance may be expected in the spring.

Chestnuts.—These show determination in carrying out a scheme which you think will benefit you.

Chicken.—This shows new interests and pleasures; if roosting, domestic tribulation; if flying, troublesome matters.

Child.—This is a sign that you will soon be making fresh plans or forming new projects; a child running means bad news or threatened danger; at play, tranquillity and pleasure.

Child Blowing Soap Bubbles.—Occasions of sadness and joy in quick succession.

Child with Dancing-Doll.—The gratification of a wish through an entirely unexpected means.

Child with Tambourine.—Pleasure, lightheartedness, coming good news.

Chimney.—Unless you are cautious you will take a false step; a chimney with smoke to be seen means that you are content, and find pleasure in daily routine and a somewhat commonplace life.

Chinaman.—There is someone who appears eager to serve you but in reality is far from being trustworthy.

Chinese Lantern.—False security, the evidence of which will soon be brought to your notice.

Chisel.—A symbol of losses, dismay, and trouble.

Christmas Tree.—This sign indicates that you may expect some special happiness at the Christmas season.

Chrysanthemums.—These beautiful flowers assure you of a long desired hope in connection with someone dear to you which will be realised in the autumn.

Church.—Courage, honour, and tranquillity; a legacy.

Churning.—This is a happy omen for good and successful results in all you undertake; you will be fortunate and will always take a turn in the right direction for your own happiness.

Cigar.—A wealthy friend or lover who will absorb all your thoughts; a broken cigar signifies a disagreeable incident or a quarrel.

Circle.—Money, presents, an engagement, faithful friends.

Clapper for Scaring Birds.—This sign proclaims that you are offended at small faults or failings in others, and are always eager to bring them into notice, but are blind to your own more obvious deficiencies.

Clarionet.—A pleasure which will be gratified in an unlooked-for manner.

Claw.—This symbol foretells scandal or evil influence.

Clenched Hand.—Indignation; disputes.

Clergyman.—Reconciliation in a long-standing feud.

Clock.—A sign that you desire to hurry over the present and arrive at a time to which you are looking forward.

Clouds.—These denote disappointment, failure of plans, and dismay.

Clover.—A very lucky sign of coming good fortune.

Cloves.—This symbol proclaims the desire for appreciation and the wish to appear at your best on all occasions.

Clown.—Your folly is apparent to everyone.

Clubs.—See Golf Clubs, Ace of Clubs.

Coach.—If with horses, you may look forward to a time of ease and luxury; if without horses, it warns you against an act of folly or a harmful indiscretion.

Coal.—Prosperity and good fellowship

Coal-Scoop.—This signifies domestic difficulties or vexation at the turn things have taken.

Coal Scuttle.—You will adapt yourself to unaccustomed circumstances requiring much energy.

Coat.—Sadness caused through a parting; if the coat is ragged, distressing news; without sleeves, failure in a new undertaking.

Cobbler.—This predicts a life of arduous and ill-paid work, poor health, and a struggle to make both ends meet.

Cobra.—A warning of grave danger to you or yours.

Cock.—A sign of forthcoming good news, of conquest and triumph.

Cockatoo.—This bird indicates disturbance in the home and some vexation with friends.

Cockchafer.—This predicts a bad harvest season; flying, the arrival of sudden news of a somewhat disagreeable nature.

Coconut.—Travel or interesting discoveries.

Coffee Pot.—Dependence on creature comforts; slight indisposition.

Coffin.—A bad omen of coming bereavement; a coffin with a sword beside it shows death of a soldier; with a flag, that of a sailor; with snowdrops, death of a child or infant.

Collar.—Perseverance in the face of obstacles will bring you a great reward.

Collar-Stud.—A reminder of some tiresome or disagreeable little duty which you would fain forget.

Columbine.—These flowers foretell the renewal of a former friendship which is brought about by means of an unthought-of meeting.

Comb.—You will find out that your confidence in someone was misplaced and this discovery will cause you much distress.

Comet.—Favourable weather; unusual and interesting events; to lovers it is an unfavourable omen of separation and blighted hope.

Compasses.—This sign implies that you may expect to travel and to spend your life in interesting activities.

Concertina.—This symbol proclaims dilatory habits and feeble wit.

Conductor.—See Music Conductor.

Convolvuli.—This flower shows feelings of sadness; love and hope which have lasted but a short time now leave only memories to which you cling.

Corks.—This sign shows the power of adapting yourself to your company, and of proving yourself useful in awkward situations.

Corkscrew.—This denotes that you will be vexed by inquisitive people who trouble you with questions.

Cormorant.—This bird is a symbol of agility, swift decisions, and the attainment of your ambition through the power of rapid thought and work.

Corn.—This is a pleasant omen of wealth and success.

Cornucopia.—This symbol predicts great happiness and unqualified success.

Cover.—See Meat Cover.

Cow.—A calm, contented state of mind, peaceful and prosperous days.

Cowslips.—A sign of joy; to the married it foretells a birth.

Crab.—Strife, family disagreements, an enemy.

Cradle.—A birth; a broken cradle, sorrow or anxiety about a child.

Crane.—Heavy burdens and anxiety are indicated by this symbol.

Crests.—These are often to be seen and must to some extent be read in connection with other signs in the cup; large crests indicate news of, or communications with, those in positions of authority; small crests, interesting family developments.

Cricket Bat.—A love of sport and a keen desire for fair play in all matters.

Crinoline.—This predicts that unless you retrench in your expenditure, you will have but a pittance to spend upon your dress.

Crocuses.—These flowers are an emblem of joy, and of radiant happiness in love.

Croquet-Mallet.—A cheerful and patient disposition, always making the best of things, is the meaning of this symbol.

Cross.—You must expect to meet with hindrances and obstacles in the way of your desires; sorrow and misfortune are also indicated by this symbol. See also Maltese Cross.

Crossed Keys.—A sign of authority, power and honour, and an assurance of comfort and help in times of difficulty or doubt.

Crown.—Advancement and honour; the attainment of your highest ambition.

Crutches.—This is an unpleasant sign of forthcoming illness or accident which causes lameness for the time being.

Cucumber.—A new plan successfully carried out.

Cup.—A large cup tells of a splendid opportunity coming your way which will insure your future success; a small cup means that a little anxiety is before you.

Cupboard.—Disappointment in money affairs.

Curtain.—This symbol proclaims that someone is hiding a matter from you which it would be to your advantage to learn; with other signs in the cup which are good you may conclude that the matter will be revealed to you shortly.

Custard-Glasses.—A signal of illness, possibly chicken pox or measles.

Cypress.—This tree indicates that you bravely face a difficulty, and finally overcome it by your own endeavours.

🌺☕   D

Daffodils.—A long-desired hope is about to come to pass, or a delightful holiday spent in the company of those most congenial to you.

Dagger.—If near and pointing towards consultant, it would be a bad sign of danger from wounds or an operation; if more distant, it shows a much less personal danger.

Dahlias.—A sign of some important event which you may expect to take place in the autumn; it also denotes thrift and increase of fortune.

Daisies.—These imply that you have an attractive, child-like nature, finding happiness in simple pleasures; a circle of daisies means that you attract someone to you of the same nature as yourself who will become all the world to you.

Damsons.—These denote complication of your affairs.

Dance.—See Ballet Dance.

Dancer.—A pleasant omen of coming pleasure and gratification, good news, happiness in love and friendship; it also means that you will receive an unexpected invitation; several figures dancing in happy abandonment foretell that your hopes and desires will be fulfilled, and that many changes will occur, all tending to your success and future happiness.

Dancing-Doll.—See Child with Dancing Doll.

Dandelion.—Unexpected news of the marriage of an old friend whom you had always supposed would never marry.

Dates.—A pleasure which is unlikely to come up to your expectations is the meaning of this symbol.

Deer.—An unfortunate indication that your ventures in new directions of work or business will end in failure; if running, a fruitless endeavour to undo your past mistakes; a dead deer, that you will be the innocent cause of distress to someone you love.

Desk.—You will receive a letter which will upset you, or you will lose the friendship of someone with whom you have corresponded regularly for many years.

Devil.—This symbol gives warning that reformation is needed, or you may find yourself so tightly in the grip of bad influence that it will be well-nigh impossible to extricate yourself.

Diadem.—This ensign of royalty shows that your ambition is realised beyond your expectations; wonderful good fortune and influential friends assure you of an unusually successful career.

Diamonds.—See Ace of Diamonds.

Dish.—Anxiety in household matters; a broken dish is a foretaste of a greater loss.

Diver.—A great and unexpected piece of news which will lead to a fortunate discovery; to the lover, it reveals deception.

Diving-Bell.—This sign predicts that you may one day find yourself in danger on the sea or river.

Dog.—This symbol has many meanings which must be read in accordance with the other symbols; in a general way this sign indicates adverse conditions, the thwarting of life's chances, unfortunate love affairs, family misfortune and money troubles; a large dog sometimes signifies protection and good friends; a small dog, vexation and impatience.

Doll.—A festivity at which you will endeavour to conceal your feelings of boredom under somewhat foolish hilarity. See also Child with Dancing Doll, Rag Doll.

Dolphin.—A cheerful and optimistic character, pleasure on the sea or river.

Dovecot.—Peace in the home.

Doves.—These birds give a personal message of happiness and an assurance of faithfulness in love, peaceful circumstances, high ideals, and progress; to those who are at enmity this symbol proclaims reconciliation; to the sick or anxious, comfort and hope; to a business man, a fortunate omen of success.

Dragon.—Great and sudden changes about which there is an element of danger.

Dragon-Fly.—Tidings of unexpected occurrences, unlooked-for events, new and advantageous opportunities, sometimes new clothes or furniture.

Drum.—A hazardous enterprise or expedition is the meaning of this symbol.

Drummer.—To a man, this foreshows popularity and a successful public career; to a woman, social success, a large following of friends and admirers, and power of gaining her own ends.

Duck.—A sign of a taste for speculation; if more than one duck, success in work and enterprise, profitable undertakings.

Dumb Bell.—A chance meeting which will lead to the making of a new friend.

Dustpan and Brush.—You will be certain to hear of domestic tribulation amongst your friends or relatives; if this symbol appears in your cup with other signs of vexation, it would indicate personal domestic annoyance.

Dwarf.—This portends calamity, accident, or disgrace.

🌺☕   E

Eagle.—This predicts that you may expect most beneficial changes, the realisation of a long-cherished hope, and possibly an inheritance of wealth from an unexpected source; a flying eagle shows the coming of wealth and honour after a change of residence; with a vulture, death of a monarch; a dead eagle, public loss and mourning.

Eagle's Nest.—An eagle on its nest foretells association with those in places of authority and honour; it also denotes a life of wealth and ease.

Ear.—A large ear shows that you will be shocked by hearing of some scandal or abuse; a normal ear means that you will receive some interesting and pleasant piece of news or valuable information.

Ear-rings.—To a man this symbol proclaims the displeasure of one of the opposite sex; to a woman, the humiliation of unrequited affection.

Earwig.—A sign of uncomfortable discoveries in the home, troubles with domestics, deceit and prying.

Easel.—A sign of marriage to widows and maids; to the married, increase of worldly goods; this symbol must be read in connection with other indications in the cup.

Eels.—This is an unpleasant symbol meaning malicious tongues and treacherous friends, also gossip over money matters.

Egg-Cup.—A sign of an escape from a threatened disaster.

Eggs.—New plans and ideas, or a birth.

Elephant.—A sign of power, travel, promotion, happiness and stability in love and friendship.

Elf.—This symbol should put you on your guard or you may be the victim of an unpleasant practical joke.
Elm Tree.—A good omen of prosperity and coming happiness.

Emu.—Lack of caution will not be one of your failings.

Engine.—Journeys, trouble on the railway, strikes, accident, and hasty news are the meanings of this symbol.

Ensign.—See Flag.

Escape.—See Fire Escape.

Extinguisher.—See Candle Extinguisher.

Eye.—This signifies penetration and the solving of difficulties; it also shows depth of character and love.

Eyeglasses.—You will make a beneficial discovery through surprising means.

🌺☕   F

Faces.—Several of these denote an invitation to a party or wedding; ugly faces mean disturbances or bad news; pretty faces, pleasure and love; two faces upon one head, looking diverse ways, indicate that you may hear yourself accused of deception and falseness, or that these things may be practised upon you; a bearded face, health and strength, but an indolent nature, which is a source of vexation to those around you.

Falcon.—This bird warns you to be on your guard, for you have an enemy.

Fan.—Love of admiration, frivolity, pleasure with the opposite sex.

Fate.—This is indicated by a straight thin line of tea leaves which ascends towards the consultant; what may be expected of fate must be judged by the line itself and other signs in the cup.

Feathers.—Large feathers signify achievement and prosperity; to authors, literary success; small feathers denote something of which you are afraid, but which you will meet with courage.

Feet.—You will be called upon to take a decisive step in some matter which may lead up to an eventful change in your life.

Fence.—This means that there is but a step between you and success.

Fender.—You will constantly come in contact with someone to whom you feel a strong antipathy.

Ferns.—Dignity, peace, and steadfast love are the meanings of this symbol.

Ferret.—Jealousy and enmity are likely to cause you distress.

Ferry-Boat.—This symbol implies that difficulties will be smoothed away for you by the aid of good and useful friends.

Field Marshal's Hat.—To a soldier, or those who are associated with them, this is a sign of coming promotion, triumph, and of the attainment to honour.

Figs.—These indicate joy and abundance of the good things of this world; to those in business it is an omen of success and prosperity.

Figurehead of a Ship.—A good omen for your future Welfare; this symbol predicts that you will be enabled to steer your course through smooth waters.

Figures.—See Numbers, Human Figures, Running Figures.

Finger.—This usually indicates a special need for attention to be paid to adjoining symbols.

Fire-Engine.—An evidence of a serious fire of which you will hear or from which you will suffer; this must be judged by other indications in the cup.

Fire-Escape.—An urgent warning to take all precautions against fire.

Fireplace.—Your chief interests in life will probably lie in your home; small duties, simple pleasures, and a circle of friends.

Fish.—News from abroad; with other signs of movement, emigration; a starfish is a sign of good luck.

Flag.—Danger, rebellion, and war are the meanings of this symbol.

Flower-Border.—That for which you have long hoped and waited is about to come to pass.

Flowers.—Many pleasant meanings may be given to this symbol, good fortune, happiness, love, marriage, and a large circle of admiring friends, being among them. See also Basket of Flowers, Foxgloves, Lily, Forget-me-not.

Fly.—This signifies small vexations and annoyances which will ruffle you considerably. See also Bluebottle Fly, Dragon Fly.

Font.—News of a birth or an invitation to a christening party.

Foot.—This indicates a journey; a swollen foot, injury, or news of an accident to the foot.

Football.—Love of outdoor games, or a keen interest in the welfare of those who take part in them, is shown by this symbol.

Forge.—This implies a need for refinement and of reconstructing your ideas on many subjects.

Forget-me-not.—This flower speaks of the attainment of a cherished hope, also that you will probably find your truest happiness in love and marriage.

Fork.—This warns you against those who constantly flatter you; it would be well for you to be on your guard or you may one day awake to the fact that all this flattery was used as a tool to harm you.

Fountain.—A most favourable omen foretelling happiness, success in love and marriage, prosperity in business, and good fortune in all you undertake; this symbol also points to an unexpected legacy.

Fox.—This denotes that you may have an unsuspected enemy, possibly disloyal dependents; sometimes it means theft and trickery.

Foxgloves.—These show ambition and attainment; if broken or bending, defeated plans and hopes.

Frog.—A change of residence; with other signs, new work or profession; with bad symbols around, unpleasant sights and stories.

Fruit.—A happy sign of forthcoming prosperity and general advancement.

🌺☕   G

Gaiters.—Your chief interests will be in outdoor work and amusements; intellectual pursuits will not attract you; to clergy, or to those associated with them, gaiters indicate promotion.

Gallows.—An omen of great distress and tragedy.

Garden Roller.—An indication that things around you are liable to become somewhat unmanageable, and that you will need tact and strength to avoid being crushed by circumstances.

Garland.—A sign of happiness, love and honour.

Garters.—A contempt for feminine weakness is the meaning of this sign.

Gate.—An excellent opportunity awaits you, perhaps the chance of a lifetime; massive high gates denote restriction, misery, or imprisonment.

Geese.—These indicate the arrival of unexpected and rather troublesome visitors.

Gentian.—A memory which is interwoven with sorrow and joy.

Geranium.—This flower shows a strong will and determined character, contentment, and happiness; it also denotes two opposite natures who have a great bond of affection between them.

Giant.—There is, or will be, a serious obstacle in your path.

Gimlet.—You will be unpleasantly reminded of a disagreeable fact.

Giraffe.—You are apt to cause mischief through blundering and the making of incorrect statements.

Gladioli.—These flowers indicate courage in the face of difficulty; hope and tenderness.

Glasses.—These show that you will entertain your friends on a lavish scale, and delight in hospitality, but will occasionally be confronted by difficulties in your arrangements. See also Champagne Glass, Custard-Glasses, Eyeglasses, Hand Glass.

Gleaner.—You will always endeavour to make the best of the circumstances in which you find yourself but will seldom possess the most desirable things in life.

Goat.—A new enterprise which has an element of risk about it; a goat is an unfortunate sign to sailors or to those connected with them.

Golf Clubs.—These indicate a life so full of work that there is but little leisure for recreation.

Gondola.—A visit to Italy, or a romance are the meanings of this sign.

Gong-and-Stick.—This symbol warns you to expect little else than the "trivial round and common task" for the present.

Goose.—A venture needing much discussion and arrangement; plans are made only to be upset again, and unless you proceed with caution, you are likely to make a bad mistake.

Gramophone.—This usually portends vexation at being drawn into a somewhat disorderly and noisy pleasure.

Grapes.—These signify pleasure, abundance, fulfilment, and a life free from care.

Grasshoppers.—These insects give warning of a poor harvest season; for an old person the risk of chill leading to severe illness.

Grave.—This symbol must be read in accordance with its position, also with reference to other signs in the cup; as a general rule, with gloomy signs it would bring a message of coming sorrow, or with cheerful symbols that a death would benefit the consultant.

Greyhound.—This sign stands for energy and untiring activity which will bring you unqualified success; it also denotes that you may expect favourable tidings of the result of a new enterprise.

Grindstone.—The aftermath of an indiscretion.

Guitar.—This symbol displays strong power of attraction for the opposite sex, also pleasant adventures ending in a happy love affair.

Gun.—A very disquieting symbol, grave danger of a sudden calamity; with other bad signs, a violent death.

🌺☕   H

Hammer.—Troublesome little tasks which you are reluctant to undertake.

Hammock.—A mournful ending of something to which you had looked forward with delight.

Ham with Frill.—This denotes a nice invitation, hospitality, pleasure with your friends; also enjoyment followed by dismay; a ham without a frill means increasing fortune and success.

Hand.—A sign of good fellowship, loyalty, and affection; it may also indicate a parting, a meeting or a bargain concluded; other signs around it must be noticed in order to read its special meaning. See also Clenched Hand.

Handbell.—You would much like to startle the world by a wonderful discovery or amazing theory by which your name would be known for all time but you will need every possible good symbol to appear in the cup to give you any assurance of your ambition being gratified.

Handcuffs.—Disgrace, imprisonment, misfortune, and dishonesty; this sign must be read in connection with others around it.

Handglass.—An illusion quickly dispelled is the meaning of this symbol.

Handscreen.—Even small demands sometimes necessitate great effort on the part of those to whom the demand is made.

Hare.—The return of an absent friend after a long absence; if it is running, a journey is indicated; a dead hare foreshows money acquired through industry.

Harebell.—Peace, a placid existence, and faithfulness in love are the meanings of this lovely little flower; with other signs you may expect news of a birth.

Harp.—This is a sign of melancholy and predicts the possibility of a nervous breakdown.

Harrissi Lily.—These graceful flowers predict peace, joy, hope, and a wedding.

Harrow.—This shows that much of your time will be given endeavouring to make the lives of those around you smooth and happy, whilst you cheerfully spend your days in a somewhat monotonous manner.

Harvest.—A shock of corn is a somewhat sad emblem showing that you have sown that of which the reaping will be tears; it is also a warning of illness, especially to the aged.

Hastener for Roasting Meat.—You are reminded that you should endeavour to move with the times, and not cling so tenaciously to ideas and habits which are now obsolete.

Hat.—A symbol of luck, presents, success in new work or enterprise; sometimes it foreshows the arrival of a visitor.

Hawk.—This is an unfortunate symbol, as it denotes circumstances in which people and things seem to be working against you, placing you in awkward and embarrassing predicaments.

Hayrick.—This indicates a desire for mastery and preeminence; it also shows that a doubt will arise as to how best to proceed, but you will find the right way out and will come to a wise decision.

Head.—A large head gives warning of family trouble or of serious illness; a very small head, waning ability or power; several heads, mental distress or derangement.

Hearse.—A sign of bereavement or of sad news of those who are bereaved.

Heart.—A sign of coming happiness through the affections bringing joy into your life, or satisfaction through money, according to other signs near.

Hearts.—See Ace of Hearts.

Heather.—A most fortunate sign of gratified wishes and of coming good luck; to lovers it is an assurance of much happiness.

Hedge.—This shows that through energy and perseverance you will surmount obstacles and carry all before you.

Hedgehog.—You will be immensely surprised by hearing that someone whom you had always thought of as a confirmed bachelor is about to be married.

Hemlock.—The shadows of your past life have an inconvenient habit of appearing at the most awkward moments.

Hens.—Comfort and domestic felicity; a hen roosting shows domestic annoyance and money worries.

Highlander.—This is a sign of sound business capacity and a plodding contriver in transactions.

Hive.—See Beehive.

Hockey-Stick.—A keenness for games and success in the playing of them.

Hoe.—This means that you will often have more to do than you can well accomplish; each day things will occur needing your attention and increasing your work, but in spite of it you will have good health and cheerfulness.

Holly.—This indicates that something of importance may be expected to occur in the winter; unless gloomy signs appear in the cup, it may be assumed that the event will be a happy one.

Hollyhock.—You will have a friend, or lover, who will never disappoint you.

Honeycomb.—Prosperous undertakings, honour and renown, and much which is delightful are foreshown by this symbol.

Hoop.—You will find immense satisfaction in doing things that require energy even if they are of little importance.

Horns.—You have a powerful enemy, or at least someone who has feelings of animosity towards you, which may prove to be unpleasant in their result.

Horse.—Comforts, loyal friends, and pleasure; galloping horses mean that events are hurrying towards you over which you have no control, bringing many changes into your life. See also Carriage and Horses.

Horse-Collar.—To those who own horses, or do business with them, this sign is a pleasant indication of success in some transaction; to others it would imply toil and a strenuous effort to keep things going.

Horseman.—See Mounted Horseman.

Horseshoe.—An unexpected piece of good fortune, the achievement of your wish, and good luck in all you undertake; a double horseshoe hastens the arrival of your desires; a horseshoe reversed means an upset of plans causing much disappointment and vexation; a broken one denotes a dilemma, trials, or discomforts.

Hot-Water Bottle.—You will always find compensation in all trials and discomforts.

Hot-Water Can.—Indisposition, irritability, annoyances.

Hourglass.—A warning against delay in arrangements or thought-of plans; with other signs, the hourglass is a grave warning of peril through illness or accident.

House.—A successful transaction, a visit, a new home.

Human Figures.—These must be judged with regard to what they appear to be doing.

Hyacinth.—This flower predicts love, joy, and gratified ambition.

🌺☕   I

Ibex on Rock.—After a time of strenuous effort and struggle, you will achieve triumph and a position of security and peace.

Indian.—This symbol predicts news from India; the nature of the information, whether personal, public, pleasant, or the reverse, must be judged by other indications in the cup.

Initials.—These frequently occur, and usually point to names of people from whom you may expect to hear shortly; or they may indicate places.


Iris.—These flowers bring a message of hope and pleasure.

Iron.—Small vexations or troubles which will quickly pass, is the meaning of this symbol.

Ivory.—This foretells increased wealth and a well-merited reward for past industry.

Ivy.—Patience, understanding, steadfastness, and loyal friends are indicated by this sign.

🌺☕   J

Jackdaw.—Sagacity, dependable friends, and knowledge acquired by persevering study.

Jam.—Pots of jam caution you against extravagance and waste.

Jelly.—This foreshows a time of pleasure and a time of pain.

Jemmy.—A bad attack of toothache is indicated by this weapon.

Jewellery.—You may expect an increase of wealth, possibly good presents also.

Jockey.—Successful dealing and good money enterprise; luck in racing and speculation.

John Bull.—This figure implies that you are likely to witness, or partake in, an event of national importance.

Judge in Robes.—Legal affairs, personal or otherwise according to other indications in the cup; this sign is often seen during a famous trial or when such is about to take place.

Jug.—This shows good health and money making.

Jumping Figure.—Change which will be greatly to your advantage.

🌺☕   K

Kangaroo.—You will receive an unlooked-for and interesting piece of news; sometimes it indicates that you have a rival.

Kettle.—This is a sign of illness; unless a human figure appears beside it, the illness is probably for the consultant; it is an omen of coming trouble.

Key.—Circumstances will improve, things will become easy, and your path will be made smooth; you may hope for success in whatever you have on hand; a key at some distance from the consultant denotes the need for the assistance of good and influential friends in times of difficulty. See also Crossed Keys.

Keyhole.—This gives warning of a need for caution, for someone of whom you feel no suspicion is untrustworthy.

Kingfisher.—This beautiful bird signifies the return of someone for whom you have been longing; if flying, news of a surprising nature will speedily arrive.

King on His Throne.—Security and peace; it may also mean that you gain a high position through influential friends.

Kite.—Vanishing pleasures and benefits, or scandal, are the meanings of this sign.

Kneeling Figure.—A new enterprise or project; care should be taken to think it over well; do nothing rashly and seek reliable advice.

Knife.—This is an unpleasant sign of quarrels, broken friendship, and tears.

Knight in Armour.—This sign predicts good fortune, success in love, and loyalty to your friends.

Knives.—These signify danger of wounds, attacks of pain, and dismay.

🌺☕   L

Laburnum Tree.—A sign of delight and the fulfilment of a cherished hope, probably occurring in the spring.

Ladder.—This signifies advancement, influential friends, and the attainment of good fortune.

Lamb.—An indication that you will be amazed by the success of a doubtful undertaking. See also Prancing Lamb.

Lamp.—This sign provides an assurance of good success in business. See also Street Lamp.

Lantern.—This shows that fear and doubt will mar your happiness and progress. See also Chinese Lantern.

Laurel.—This tree points to power, ability and health.

Leaves.—Prosperous results of your diligence, new friends, and satisfaction.

Leek.—This implies that you are anxious to come to the root of some matter of which at present you have only an inkling; with good signs around, you may expect to come to a satisfactory understanding.

Leg.—This foretells a successful race with fortune.

Leg of Mutton.—Depression and pecuniary worries is the meaning of this sign.

Leopard.—This animal foreshows triumph over adverse circumstances or an evil report;two leopards, fortune and misfortune following each other in quick succession.

Letters.—These are shown by oblong or square tea-leaves, initials near give the name of the writer; with dots around they will contain money.

Lettuce.—This shows sleeplessness, possibly from the receiving of some perturbing news.

Lighthouse.—A good sign of security and of light on your path whenever it is most needed; if crooked or broken, disaster at sea.

Lightning.—Forked lightning seen in a zig-zag up the side of the cup shows bad weather conditions; if near the figure of a man or woman, it may possibly indicate death from lightning or electrical mechanism; if seen at the bottom of the cup and with a clear space indicating water, it would mean bad storms abroad causing damage and loss.

Lilac.—This is an emblem of radiant happiness; joys shared with another, with whom there is perfect oneness of purpose and love.

Lily-of-the-Valley.—A fortunate omen of realisation, love, and marriage. See also Arum Lily, Belladonna Lily, Madonna Lily, Harrissi Lily, Water Lily.

Limpets.—These denote that you endeavour to wrest from others some valuable secret which they possess, but without success; limpets are a sign of good luck to fishermen and promise a big haul of fish.

Lines of Dots.—These indicate journeys and their probable length and direction; to be read in connection with other signs of movement; wavy lines mean tiresome journeys or difficulties likely to be encountered; if the lines ascend sharply to the brim of the cup, a journey to a hilly country will be taken.

Lion.—One of the most fortunate symbols indicating high hopes and excellent prospects, association with distinguished persons, honour, and fame.

Lizard.—This suggests treachery and the probability of a plot being laid against you by false and deceitful friends.

Lobster.—A pleasant event, or a good present, is shown by this symbol.

Lock and Key.—You are warned against the loss of something which you value.

Looking-Glass.—This implies a desire to know the truth, even if it be unpleasant to you.

Lord Mayor's Coach.—You will receive a good offer from an unexpected quarter.

Lute.—This is a sign of a secret sadness of which those around you know nothing; to musicians, a good omen of success.

Lynx.—To the married a bad omen of estrangement, possibly divorce; to others it denotes treachery or episodes of a painful nature.

🌺☕   M

Macaroni.—This proclaims the sad fact that you must endeavour to make sixpence do the work of a shilling.

Mace.—Promotion, a position of authority and achievement.

Machine.—See Automatic Machine.

Madonna Lily.—This flower means perfection and peace, and the assurance of love and truth.

Magnet.—You will be drawn by an irresistible attraction towards someone for whom you will eventually feel more dislike than affection.

Magnifying Glass.—You are given to such exaggeration that it amounts to untruthfulness.

Magnolia.—This tree brings calm and peaceful conditions after a time of unrest.

Magpie.—"One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth"; this ancient saying well explains the meaning of seeing magpies in the tea-leaves.

Mahl Stick.—See Artist's Mahl Stick.

Mallet.—You will arrive at a wise conclusion in a difficult matter. See also Croquet Mallet.

Maltese Cross.—You will emerge from one source of vexation or trouble only to fall into another.

Man.—You may expect a visitor.

Man Carrying a Burden.—An unhappy marriage or an unfortunate love affair.

Man Carrying Mace.—This points to personal promotion or the advancement of someone dear to you.

Man Speaking from a Platform.—Public news or developments which will specially interest or concern you.
Marrow.—See Vegetable Marrow.

Mars.—This sign will often be seen, and indicates a courageous, energetic nature, fond of exploits and freedom, and shows a capacity for strenuous work; a fortunate symbol for a soldier.

Mask.—For a lover, this predicts that unpleasant facts will come to light, of which at present there is no suspicion, leading to an abrupt ending of the love affair.

Mass of Leaves.—Arrivals and departures about which there are little difficulties.

Mast.—This symbol must be read in connection with the surrounding signs.

Mastiff.—This dog warns you of an unexpected emergency in which there is danger of your being overpowered by the arguments of those who are masterful.

Maypole.—This shows that you find but little satisfaction in your amusements and gaiety; for whilst you appear to enter into them in a light-hearted manner, you are craving for further excitement.

May Tree.—This signifies the receiving of a joyous message.

Meat.—A sign of financial worry.

Meat Cover.—An unpleasant emergency or discovery.

Medal.—You will be rewarded for past industry by future prosperity.

Medicine Bottle.—An unpleasant sign of illness.

Medlar.—This tree predicts a condition of transient happiness.

Meerschaum Pipe.—You will be disturbed by some news from a man who has much influence in your life.

Melon.—This means gratification and good news, and the deriving of much pleasure from the appreciation of those whose good opinion is of value to you.

Mercury.—This planet is constantly seen in the tea-leaves and is a symbol of ceaseless activity of striving to attain great things; it also indicates good business capacity.

Mermaid.—To those associated with the sea, this is a warning of shipwreck or other peril.

Merrythought.—The attainment of a wish or small pleasure.

Mice.—These indicate danger of poverty through fraud or theft.

Milk-Cans.—These show an agricultural enterprise that will be to your advantage.

Milk-Churn.—A good emblem of future comfort and increased happiness.

Milking-Stool.—A new venture about which you will feel somewhat dubious but which with care will be carried out successfully.

Mine-Shaft.—This is a hopeful sign of coming peace after a time of discontent amongst miners, or a coal strike.

Mirror.—Prophetic dreams; a love of truth.

Mistletoe.—This signifies that a cherished hope is unlikely to be fulfilled, or at any rate it will only be after many months have passed, and when you have become weary of waiting.

Mitre.—A prediction of honour and promotion for a clergyman.

Monk.—Religious controversy and disturbances.

Monkey.—This is an unpleasant indication that ugly rumours and scandal will be spread about you or yours; sometimes public notoriety; with other signs, it foreshows grief and pain.

Monkey-on-Organ.—Difficult circumstances and a hard struggle are the meanings of this sign.

Monkey Puzzle Tree.—A task lies before you which you will find hard, but for which you will afterwards be rewarded by meeting with great success.

Monograms.—These will often be found in the tea-leaves and will indicate someone of much importance in your life, whose initials are shown by the monogram.

Monument.—Someone in whose career you are much interested will rise to fame.

Moon.—A crescent moon denotes good news, fortune, and romance; for a man it predicts public recognition and honour.

Mortar.—A sign of gloom, illness, emergencies.

Motor Car.—Short journeys by road or rail, visits from friends; with other signs, some increase of fortune may be expected.

Mountain.—This gives promise of the realisation of a great ambition and of the influence of powerful friends; many mountains indicate obstructions and sometimes powerful enemies in your career.

Mounted Horseman. —A sign of good friends, luck, and advantageous offers.

Mouse.—This invariably indicates that there is need for a trap to be set; it also gives warning that domestic worries are to be expected.

Muff.—This implies caprice and ostentation.

Mug.—This symbol predicts a merry meeting.

Mushroom.—This predicts that you will take a small risk and achieve a great success; to lovers, it foreshows a quarrel and possibly a broken engagement.

Music Conductor.—A good sign to a musician; to others it suggests that enthusiasm and good spirits will carry them through life very happily.

Mutton Chop.—Fruitless discussion or indisposition are the meanings of this sign. See also Leg of Mutton.

Myrtle Tree.—This speaks of affection and peace; a declaration of love, and a happy marriage.

🌺☕   N

Nail.—Toothache and painful dentistry are foreshown by this sign.

Names.—To see the name of a person or place, signifies events occurring in connection with such person or place; if good symbols appear, pleasant happenings may be expected; if gloomy signs, then trouble will arise associated with the name seen.

Narcissus.—This flower shows sentiment and coming joy; also that some new idea will unfold itself to you in the spring and will prove to be of much advantage to you.

Native with "Tom-Tom".—This foreshows news of disturbance in India or news of a personal nature which will cause anxiety.

Necklace.—A good present or money; a broken necklace shows that you will break a bond which you have grown to feel is unendurable.

Needles.—These denote mischief and deceit; sometimes disappointment in love.

Neptune.—This planetary symbol indicates a condition of chaos.

Nest.—See Bird's Nest, Eagle's Nest.

Net.—Toil or anxiety followed by amazing achievement and good fortune.

Ninepins.—These show a mind determined to gain success whatever the cost in drudgery.

Nose.—A large nose denotes dissipation; a crooked one shows a wayward and untrustworthy character; a long, thin nose implies that you change your ideas on various subjects and alter your mode of life in accordance with your new ideas.

Nosegay.—See Bouquet.

Notice-Board.—Your attention will be called to some fact which it will be to your advantage to learn.

Numbers.—These are frequently found in the tea-leaves, and must be read in conjunction with surrounding symbols. If the consultant has a lucky number, and this appears with good signs, it promises much success. An unlucky number with gloomy signs predicts misfortune. A journey with a five near obviously points out that it will be taken in five days, or weeks, and so on. Ten dots, close together, means ten pounds or shillings, according to the size and number of the dots. Numbers with the symbol of a legacy show the amount to be expected.

Nun.—This is a sign that you will probably remain unmarried through your own choice; to the married it implies unjust suspicion.

Nurse.—A nurse in uniform usually foretells illness for yourself or for someone dear to you.

Nut-Crackers.—This portends that you will strive to solve a difficult problem, the result of which is of much importance to you.

Nuts.—Gratified ambition and wealth are indicated by nuts.

🌺☕   O

Oak Tree.—This is a good omen of wealth, strength, and attainment of cherished hopes; for a lover, it predicts happiness and prosperity in marriage.

Oar.—Sport; amusements; a broken oar denotes recklessness for which you will pay dearly; for a lover or husband, this means affliction.

Obelisk.—This foreshows honour and wealth.

Oil-Can.—Work and worry are foretold by this sign.

Onions.—You may expect that something which you supposed was a secret will be discovered, possibly through treacherous friends.

Opera-Glasses.—You are in danger of losing the confidence of your friends because of your inquisitive questions.

Orchids.—These give a pleasing assurance of coming good fortune and a life of ease and wealth.

Organ.—This must be read in connection with other signs around it; sometimes it means a wedding, death, or realised ambition; to a musician, it is a good omen of achievement. See also Barrel Organ.

Ostrich.—This symbol points to achievement in creative work; if running, you may look for startling news and rumours of public upheavals.

Otter.—You must expect to receive a disagreeable shock through some unpleasant spite on the part of those of whom you have always thought well, and regarded as loyal and affectionate friends.

Overcoat.—You may expect to have changes in your life and become of much importance.

Owl.—A bad omen of illness, misfortune, and poverty; if flying, you will receive tidings of grief; to lovers this bird is a symbol of bad news or unpleasant rumours; to those who are contemplating new work or enterprise the owl should be regarded as a warning to proceed with caution.

Ox.—An ox in his stall implies hospitality, domestic peace and abundance.

Oysters.—These are a sign of enjoyment and expensive tastes, also that you will appreciate the pleasures of life more in your later years than in your youthful days.

🌺☕   P

Padlock.—An open padlock means a surprise; a closed one, a need for precaution.

Pagoda.—Foreign travels.

Pail.—You will be called upon to undertake a variety of things which you dislike.

Pails on Yoke.—In the future you may hope for compensation for past trials and weariness.

Palace.—This portends good fortune and favours.

Palette.—A hopeful sign of success to an artist or to those associated with one; to others, it suggests a need for deliberation and advice before embarking upon a new work or enterprise.

Palm Tree.—This is a symbol of honour, fame, and victory; increase of wealth, love, and marriage.

Pampas Grass.—This is a sign that you will make a pathetic endeavour to find happiness in a life which is cast in a somewhat dreary lot.

Pan and His Pipes.—A most cheering symbol which gives an assurance of happiness, future prosperity, and delight.

Pansy.—This flower is a symbol of understanding, modesty, and contentment; it is also a pleasant indication of faithful friends and happy days.

Panther.—You may expect to be shocked at the treacherous behaviour of a friend whom you had always regarded as honourable.

Paradise.—See Bird of Paradise.

Parallel Lines.—These predict well-thought-out and smoothly running plans.

Parcels.—These are shown by thick, square or round leaves.

Parrot.—This is a sign of foreign travel, the making of many friends, and much mental energy; sometimes it gives a hint that there is an inclination to gossip and spread scandal.

Parsley.—Small events will bring you satisfaction.

Peacock.—A sign of the acquisition of property; a prosperous and happy marriage; with other signs, an unfortunate friendship.

Peaked Cap.—The arrival of a male visitor.

Pears.—Improved social condition and other advantages; this fruit brings success to a business man and to a woman a rich husband; one pear signifies a birth or new plans.

Pedestrian.—An important appointment or urgent business.

Pelican.—This bird is a symbol of loneliness, separation, and yearning for the unattainable; if it is flying you will receive news from those who are far away in isolated parts of the world.

Pen.—See Quill Pen.

Penguin.—This strange bird indicates interesting news of expeditions and discoveries in the northern regions.

Penknife.—This is an unfortunate symbol of enmity, disloyalty, and jealousy.

Peonies.—You will probably be called upon to make a decision of much importance before another summer is past; broken peonies predict that you may possibly throw away your chance of happiness by coming to a wrong conclusion.

Pepper-Pot.—This means vexation and unreasonable irritation which you will endeavour to conceal.

Perambulator.—News of a birth.

Pestle.—A sign of decisive measures; a remedy for a grievance or an ill.

Pheasant.—Good fortune; new friends; if flying, speedy and propitious news.

Piano.—This is a sign that you will make the most of your opportunities and will gain that for which you have aimed; to musicians, a sign of advancement.

Pickaxe.—This sign proclaims labour troubles and strikes.

Pig.—This assures you of gain and success in agricultural interests; it also denotes that you may expect a present of money or a legacy.

Pigeons.—These show reconciliation with someone dear to you from whom you have been estranged; if flying, important and pleasant news is on its way; if stationary, delay in the arrival of important news.

Pillar.—A symbol of strength, protection from danger, and of good and powerful friends; a broken pillar predicts sorrow and despair.

Pillar Box.—Important or specially interesting correspondence is the meaning of this sign.

Pincers.—A painful experience; an injury; toothache.

Pincushion.—Thrift, order, and a well-regulated household.

Pineapple.—A pleasing indication of wealth, rich friends, and good presents.

Pine Trees.—Happiness followed by an aftermath of regret.

Pipe.—A visit from a dear friend; several pipes foreshow news from a man who is much in your thoughts. See also Meerschaum Pipe, Pan and His Pipes.

Pistol.—An ominous warning of disaster; with other bad signs, of a violent death.

Pitcher.—This shows an endeavour to relieve a rather dull and monotonous life, by throwing your energy into somewhat unnecessary work.

Pitchfork.—A sign that you are apt to stir up feud, and make peace and quiet impossible.

Plate.—For the present, you will merely jog along in an ordinary way.

Playing Cards.—See Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, and Ace of Spades.

Plough.—You must expect to go through toil and frustration before you finally conquer your difficulties and achieve triumph.

Plum Pudding.—This denotes festivity and cheerfulness.

Plums.—These foretell a new development of plans.

Polar Bear.—This sign means a journey to a cold climate.

Policeman.—This tells you to beware of theft and underhand practices; with other signs, it would indicate trouble probably caused by those with whom you are most closely associated.

Pope.—Unexpected gain and future happiness are foretold by this sign.

Poppy.—This flower is significant of a pleasant occurrence in the early summer.

Porter and Truck.—This indicates a pending journey or the arrival of a traveller.

Post.—This signifies a formidable obstacle; if broken, that you will encounter a storm of opposition to your plan.

Postman.—Important and profitable news.

Pot.—See Coffee Pot.

Potato.—You will have need of patience in your daily life, and will sometimes be troubled by pecuniary difficulties.

Prancing Lamb.—This is a symbol of trouble which will have beneficial results and will lead to contentment and happiness.

Prawns.—These bring pleasures, presents and satisfactory arrangements.

Prince of Wales' Plumes.—This is a symbol of pleasant events, stirring topics and sometimes of personal honour and distinction.

Pudding.—See Plum Pudding.

Puffin.—This bird denotes timidity and a desire for solitude; if flying, news from abroad.

Pulpit.—A love of talking and a dislike to listening is the meaning of this symbol.

Pump.—Your own efforts will bring about a fortunate result.

Punch-and-Judy.—You will read, or hear, of a sensational case in married life.

Purse.—This cautions you against theft, or carelessness that may lead to losing money.

Pyramids.—These foreshow attainment to honour, fame and wealth.

🌺☕   Q

Queen.—A queen upon her throne indicates security, peace, and honour; sometimes the attainment to a high position through powerful friends.

Query.—This shows doubt, indecision; if this sign were seen with a letter the doubt would be with regard to some correspondence; if with a journey, uncertainty about it; and so on.

Quill Pen.—This shows that you may expect, before long, to sign your maiden name for the last time in a marriage register; with other signs, a legal document.

Quoits.—This sign indicates a journey to the country on pleasure.

🌺☕   R

Rabbit.—An indication of illness for a child; a dead rabbit means domestic duties which will bore you, sometimes financial worry; several rabbits suggest that you must depend upon your own efforts for your amusements and must be content with simple ones; a rabbit on its hind legs predicts that a new plan or idea will bring you great success.

Rag Doll.—This implies a simplicity that sometimes verges on folly.

Railway Signal.—This symbol may be seen at "danger" or "all clear." Its meaning must be read in accordance with other signs.

Ram.—An unpleasant person whom you would do well to avoid is indicated by this sign.

Rake.—This implement denotes a persevering nature which should bring you a liberal measure of success in whatever you undertake; it also indicates luck in speculation.

Rat.—Treachery and other impending troubles, are foreshown by this unpleasant symbol.

Raven.—This bird is an omen of gloom and despondency, disappointment in love, separation, failure in work; it is also a symbol of death for the aged.

Razor.—Quarrels, also a warning against interference in other people's affairs; to lovers this sign foretells disagreement and separation.

Red-Hot Poker.—This flower suggests that you are likely to bring yourself within the range of unpleasant criticism by your flaunting manner.

Reptile.—This is a bad omen of coming misfortune, treachery, or illness.

Rhinoceros.—This animal denotes a risky proceeding into which you plunge without hesitation, although your friends and relations will try to persuade you to give up your scheme, but your indifference to the opinion of others prevents any chance of their being successful.

Rider.—This brings good news from overseas of business and financial affairs.

Rifle.—Strife and calamity are shown by this sign.

Ring.—With dots around, a contract or a business transaction; with the figures of a man and woman, an engagement or wedding is foretold.

River.—A sign of trouble and perplexity, sometimes illness and bereavement.

Robin.—A symbol of much good fortune, loyal friends, and happiness in love.

Rocket.—This foretells joy and gladness at some event about to happen.

Rocking Chair.—This indicates contemplation of a new idea or scheme about which you are somewhat doubtful.
Rocking Horse.—Happy associations will be renewed; pleasure with children.

Rocks.—These prepare you for alarms and agitation, but if good signs appear, you will eventually find a smooth path through your fife.

Roller.—See Garden Roller.

Rolling Pin.—This is an indication that you will be capable of smoothing out your difficulties and will usually find an easy path in which to tread.

Rose.—A token of good fortune, joy, and love.

Rosemary.—Memories of the past will mar your future.

Running Figures.—You may expect an emergency in which you will need to have all your wits about you; sometimes this signifies urgent messages.

🌺☕   S

Sack.—This predicts an unlooked for event which will turn out to be most fortunate.

Saddle.—The successful solving of a troublesome matter is the meaning of this sign.

Sailor.—You may expect news from overseas of an interesting nature.

Salmon Jumping in a Pool.—This is a fortunate sign of propitious news which will mean a great deal to you.

Sandwich Man.—After a time of irksome tasks and pecuniary worry, you will be rewarded by a time of ease and wealth.

Saucepan.—This is an indication that many troubles will befall you, and your courage will be tested in meeting them.

Sausages.—These show complaints or affliction.

Saw.—Interference which will bring a good deal of trouble upon you, is signified by a saw.

Scaffold.—This signifies that you will enter into a rash speculation.

Scales.—This symbol stands for legal proceedings.

Scarecrow.—This warns you to avoid interfering in the private affairs of others, or you may find that you will receive the cold shoulder from them.

Sceptre.—This is a fortunate sign of distinction and honour.

Scimitar.—You will hear of murders, horrible treachery, and riots.

Scissors.—An unlucky sign of friction between friends; disputing and disagreeableness with married couples; quarrels between lovers; trouble in business.

Scoop.—See Coal Scoop.

Screw.—With a little ingenuity and perseverance, you will arrive at that for which you aim.

Screw-Spanner.—Troublesome affairs and vexations are before you.

Scuttle.—See Coal Scuttle.

Scythe.—This sign foreshows grief and pain.

Seagull.—A sign of storms; if flying, news from abroad.

Seakale.—A satisfactory conclusion to a vexed question is the meaning of this symbol.

Seal.—An indication that a considerable amount of patience will be necessary before your hopes are realised, but eventually you will gain success and wealth.

Sealing-Wax.—Theoretically you are wise, but you seldom bring your wisdom to bear on practical matters.

See-Saw.—Unless you endeavour to become more decisive and reliable, you will lose any good opportunities which may come your way.

Seaweed.—This denotes a joy in the past of which only the memory remains.

Shamrock.—A sign of good luck.

Shark.—An ominous sign of death.

Shaving-Brush.—This sign suggests that you are apt to turn molehills into mountains.

Sheep.—To landowners or those engaged in any agricultural pursuits sheep are an omen of success and prosperous dealing; to others this sign implies that they will receive assistance from unexpected quarters.

Shell.—Good luck from an unexpected source; with other signs, a visit to the seaside.

Shepherd.—The appearance of this symbol warns you against taking unnecessary risks in all matters.

Ship.—News from distant lands; a successful journey; a voyage.

Shirt.—This sign is considered an omen of good fortune.

Shoes.—These indicate speedy new arrangements which are likely to turn out extremely well.

Shrimping Net.—Pleasures and amusements, unconventionality, and good spirits.

Shutters.—This sign proclaims the fact that there is need for secrecy, and that there may be things in your life of which you trust nothing will be known.

Sickle.—A sign that you will experience sorrow and pain through the callous behaviour of someone you love.

Signpost.—This symbol must be read in conjunction with surrounding symbols; it usually emphasises the importance of other signs; a broken signpost indicates, that you take a wrong turning in your life and afterwards have much cause to regret it.

Skeleton.—This implies a feeling of disgust at some information which is told to you and which you are asked not to reveal.

Skipping Rope.—Pleasure with children and popularity with them

Sleigh.—A spell of cold weather; an interesting event or piece of news to be expected in the winter.

Slug.—Petty annoyances; bad weather.

Snail.—This is a sign of infidelity; several snails, that mischief is going on around you of which you are unaware.

Snake.—This is an unpleasant sign of treachery, disloyalty, and hidden danger, sometimes caused by those whom you least suspect; if its head is raised, injury by the malice of a man is predicted; it is also an indication of misfortune and illness.

Snipe.—This bird signifies the discovery of a useful fact; if flying, hasty news of a great friend.

Snowdrops.—These are a symbol of youth and innocence; this sign may point to some event affecting you and yours which will probably take place about February; if seen in a cross it would foreshow the death of an infant or young child.

Soap.—Cakes or blocks of soap predict temporary trouble in business.

Soap Bubbles.—See Child Blowing Soap Bubbles.

Sofa.—This foreshows indisposition or a small illness, sometimes disturbed nights or emergencies.

Soldier.—This signifies that you may count upon the loyalty and affection of your friends; sometimes it indicates that you may expect speedy news of a soldier.

Solomon's Seal.—This plant is a symbol of understanding, devotion, and coming joy.

Soup Ladle.—It will be through the assistance of others that you will arrive at success.

Soup Tureen.—To the mature, this symbol points to a return of good fortune; to the young, a small illness and loss of appetite.

Spade.—This means toil, care, unrest, disappointment, and failure. See Ace of Spades.

Spanner.—See Screw Spanner.

Sphinx.—This denotes that your hopes will be set on things far beyond your reach, and that as nothing but the very best in life has any attraction for you, it is improbable that you will ever attain to complete happiness.

Spider.—You may expect to receive an inheritance; with other signs, that you will be triumphant in disputed will or money settlement; several spiders foretell profitable transactions, sometimes a heritage of much wealth.

Spur.—This symbol foretells that as the result of endurance and honest labour you will attain to honour.

Square.—This formed of dotted lines indicates perplexity and dismay, and endeavour to extricate yourself from an embarrassing situation.

Squirrel.—This is a sign of contentment and cheerfulness; although you may never be rich you will be loved by those around you and, on the whole, will lead a happy life.

Star.—A lucky sign; if surrounded by dots, wealth and honour are foretold.

Steamer.—A voyage, news from overseas, interesting events, according to other signs.

Steeple.—This denotes misfortune, bad luck; if it is crooked or bending it foreshows a coming disaster or crushing blow to your hope.

Steps.—Unaccustomed work which will fall to your lot as a result of the illness of someone with whom you work or associate.

Stile.—With a small amount of perception you will arrive at a right conclusion.

Stilts.—These show a desire to appear different in the eyes of your friends from that which you really are, and you will often fail in an effort to keep up this subterfuge.

Stocks.—These sweet scented flowers foreshow an unexpected happiness with someone whom you have not seen for a long while.

Stockings.—A present received or given is the meaning of this symbol.

Stones.—Little worries and vexations.

Stool.—A large stool is a symbol of honour; a small one signifies that your success in life will be meagre.

Stork.—In summer, this bird tells you to beware of robbery or fraud; in winter, prepare for bad weather and a great misfortune; a stork flying predicts that whilst you hesitate in coming to a decision, a profitable chance is lost, the news of which will speedily reach you.

Stove.—This symbol calls attention to the fact that trials and tribulations await you.

Straw.—A bundle of straw foretells gain through industry.

Strawberries.—Pleasure and the gratification of your wishes are shown by this fruit.

Straw Hat.—Modesty and simple pleasures.

Street Lamp.—This is a sign of a foolish desire to draw attention to yourself.

Stud.—See Collar Stud.

Stuffed Birds.—A discovery that something upon which you had set your heart proves unsatisfying.

Submarine.—Swiftly arriving news or events; sometimes the disclosure of a secret which will be of much personal value to you.

Sun.—This promises happiness, health, success in love, prosperity, and the beneficial discovery of secrets.

Sun Bonnet.—A sign of originality, personal charm and attraction, sometimes coquetry.

Sundial.—You are warned to take heed as to the way in which you spend your time.

Sunflower.—This flower proclaims learning and a satisfactory conclusion in matters which are most interesting to you; it also implies that you may reasonably expect a scheme to work out greatly to your advantage.

Suspenders.—These show precaution.

Suspension Bridge.—A venture in which much is at stake but after a time of anxiety you arrive at final triumph.

Swallow.—A journey with a happy result; if flying, joyful tidings from someone you love; if several swallows are flying, they indicate a journey to a warm climate under very pleasant conditions.

Swan.—This bird is significant of tribulation, troublesome conditions in the home, and sometimes of separation from those whom you love.

Sweep.—The performing of an urgent disagreeable business will shortly fall to your lot.

Sweet William.—This flower signifies that happiness in the past has tinged your future with sadness.

Swimming.—A brave endeavour to overcome your fear of an undertaking which must be faced.

Swing-Boat.—By an act of folly, you forfeit the good opinion of someone with whom you most desire to be on terms of friendship.

Sword.—This is a sign of danger, sudden illness, or even death; it also betokens slander and dangerous gossip; to lovers it is a bad omen of quarrels; a sword in its sheath shows honour and glory for someone dear to you; a broken sword predicts the triumph of an enemy.

🌺☕   T

Table.—This means suggestions and consultation; note the subject from the surrounding signs.

Tambourine.—A symbol of lighthearted gaiety which will follow a time of gloom or worry. See also Child with Tambourine.

Tea Cosy.—To the unmarried, this is a sign that they will probably remain single; to the married, affection and comfort in the small things of life.

Tea-Cup and Saucer.—You may expect to hear something of much interest and pleasure in your "fortune."

Teeth.—These call attention to the fact that probably a visit to the dentist is required.

Telegraph Post.—Hasty news by telephone or telegram.

Telegraph Wires.—You will transact important business by telephone or telegram.

Telephone.—You will be put to considerable inconvenience through forgetfulness.

Telescope.—This predicts the probability of trouble with your eyesight.

Tennis Net.—This shows pleasures and social entertainments.

Tent.—A symbol of travel.

Thimble.—For a girl, this symbol implies that she will probably never marry; to the married, it predicts changes in the household.

Thistle.—This is a pleasant sign of strength, endurance, and affection; it also shows a desire to remove obstacles from the path of those who are in difficulties.

Throne.—An empty throne denotes public misfortune. See also King on Throne.

Thumb.—A large and powerful thumb foretells an opportunity in which you prove yourself superior to those who hitherto somewhat despised you.

Tiger.—You will be placed in a perilous position possibly through the bad behaviour or folly of those who should protect you.

Timber.—Logs of timber are a sign of well-being and prosperity in your affairs.

Tin Tacks.—An agreement about to be satisfactorily concluded.

Toad.—You may expect deceit and the discovery of disagreeable facts; this sign should caution you to be on your guard, for malicious talking causes much discomfort and may separate the best of friends.

Toadstool.—You are warned against making rash and unguarded statements, a bad habit of gossiping and encouraging scandal.

Tom-Tom.—See Native with Tom-Tom.

Tomatoes Growing.—An increase of worldly goods is foreshown by this sign.

Tombstone.—This sign must be judged in accordance with other symbols around it.

Tongs.—A pair of firetongs indicates anxiety and disturbance in the home.

Tongue.—This signifies that unless you amend you will make mischief by your indiscreet and unkind words.

Tooth.—One large tooth is a symbol of bereavement.

Topiary Work.—Trees and hedges cut into the forms of birds, animals, etc., are often to be seen in the tea-leaves; this sign assures you of the fact that those things for which you must wait longest are those which will give most joy.

Torch (Flaming).—This is a hopeful symbol that some unexpected piece of good fortune will come to you; it also indicates the discovery of an undeveloped talent.

Torpedo.—Acts of violence, disaster, or distressing news are the meanings of this symbol.

Tortoise.—This means that you attempt that of which you have no knowledge.

Tower.—This predicts an advantageous opportunity through which you may rise to a good position in life.

Toys.—Pleasure with children.

Train.—Arrivals, removals, a journey.

Tram.—A roadway journey on business or pleasure.

Tram Line.—This is indicated by two thin, straight lines which run near together up the side of the cup.

Trees.—Good health and a pleasing assurance of coming prosperity and happiness; if surrounded by dots an inheritance of property in the country is foreshown! See also Chestnut Tree, Christmas Tree, Elm Tree, Oak Tree, Yew Tree.

Triangle.—A fortunate meeting, good luck; sometimes an unexpected legacy.

Trident.—A hopeful sign of honour and promotion to those in the Navy.

Triumphal Arch.—This is a fortunate omen of your future honour and high position; a decorated arch foretells a wedding.

Trowel.—This gardening implement foretells good weather conditions; seen in the winter, it indicates unusual mildness. See also Bricklayer's Trowel.

Trousers.—A pair of trousers foretells news of misfortune or sorrow for a man.

True Lover's Knot.—This is a happy omen of faithfulness in love, and of enduring friendship.

Trumpet.—This denotes good fortune to a musician; to others, entertainment, large assemblies of people, public speaking, sometimes the setting on foot of new schemes.

Trunk.—Arrivals and departures.

Tub.—You have evil to fear, is the meaning of this sign.

Tulips.—A symbol of radiance, health, and constancy in love and friendship.

Tunnel.—This suggests that you are likely to make a wrong decision in an important matter.

Turkey.—That you are in danger of committing injurious follies is the meaning of this sign.

Turnip.—The discovery of secrets and domestic quarrels are indicated by this sign.

Turnpike.—This implies that the reminiscences which you relate of the past are of more interest than your topics of the present.

Turnstile.—This is a sign that you cleverly evade a disagreeable incident or unpleasant discussion without offending anyone.

Turtle.—This is significant of wealth and luxury.

Twins.—This is a symbol of sympathy and the perfection of happiness; with other signs, news of the birth of twins.

🌺☕   U

Ugly Faces.—These show domestic quarrels or unpleasant news.

Umbrella.—If it is open, bad weather and grumbling are foretold; closed, a bit of bad luck which may be avoided.

Unicorn.—This is an indication of scandal.

Urn.—A sign of illness.

🌺☕   V

Vampire.—This brings a message of gloom and sorrow, or also means that you await the expected news of a death.

Van.—This sign denotes an interesting experiment in which you succeed.

Vanity Bag.—A large circle of admiring friends, and much pleasure with them.

Vase.—This sign brings you a promise of good health.

Vegetable Marrow.—This means sad news or monetary losses through bad crops, either at home or abroad.

Vegetables.—These indicate toil, followed by a time of leisure and affluent circumstances.

Venus.—This planet which is sometimes seen in the tea-leaves, brings a message of peace or placidity.

Vise.—A carpenter's vise signifies that you will need powerful assistance to extricate you from the mess in which you will find yourself through your folly.

Violets.—This is a symbol of high ideals and of the finding of happiness in its fullest sense; several violets assure you of coming joy; if in the form of a cross, death is predicted.

Violin.—A symbol of coming success to a musician, and of pleasure and entertainment to others.

Vulture.—This bird is a forewarning of evil and unrest in various quarters of the globe; it also means a powerful enemy, sometimes death; if it flies, tragedy, sorrow, and tears are predicted.

🌺☕   W

Wading Boot.—This is a warning to be cautious in swimming or boating, or you may meet with an accident; with other signs it denotes a home by the sea.

Waggon.—This implies a fortunate outlook and changes for the better.

Walking Stick.—The arrival of a male visitor.

Wall.—A thick, high wall denotes many difficulties in your life, and that much courage will be needed to overcome them.

Wallflower.—This sign indicates the serious consideration of a new plan.

Warming Pan.—This is a sign of comfort in small things and domestic peace.

Wasps.—These insects are significant of distress caused by the sharp tongues of those around you.

Water.—This is usually recognised by a clear space entirely free from tea-leaves at the bottom of the cup.

Water Lily.—This flower proclaims a declaration of love.

Weasel.—This animal shows cunning, and points to the sly behaviour of someone with whom you associate, and of whom you feel no suspicion.

Weathercock.—This is a sign that you feel incapable of making up your mind definitely on any matter without first consulting each one with whom you come in contact, and in the end you settle upon an entirely different course of action.

Wedding Cake.—This proclaims a speedy and prosperous marriage.

Whale.—A prediction of personal danger which may be averted if you are cautious.

Wheel.—This is symbolic of the wheel of fortune and foreshows a prosperous career or an inheritance of wealth; a broken wheel predicts a bad disappointment as to an expected increase of income or a legacy.

Wheelbarrow.—This sign foretells a visit to the country or a pleasant renewal of friendship with those who live in it.

Whip.—To a woman this sign foretells vexation and trials in her marriage; for a man, it has much the same meaning, and severe disappointment will befall him.

Wicket Gate.—A small incident leads up to an important future event.

Widow's Bonnet.—This sign must be read in connection with other symbols; sometimes it foreshows grief and mourning, or if dots are round it, that a sum of money or a legacy may be expected from a widow.

Windmill.—A sign that you may hope to succeed in a doubtful enterprise.

Window.—An open window shows that you are regarded with favour by many; a closed one means embarrassment.

Wine Cup.—Joy and realised ambition.

Witch on Broom.—You will be reproved by some of your friends who consider that your interest in psychic matters is dangerous, but later on you will be able to prove to their satisfaction that no harm has come to it.

Witness Box.—With bad signs around it, this would point to a personal matter ending in a law court; otherwise, it denotes the taking place of a trial in which you will feel special interest.

Wolf.—Beware of an avaricious and hard-hearted neighbour or friend.

Woman Carrying a Burden.—An unhappy marriage or unfortunate love affair.

Woman Carrying a Child.—This shows distress, sometimes illness of someone dear to you, or sadness through separation.

Woman Holding a Mirror.—Clairvoyance and prediction of the future are signified by this symbol.

Women.—With bad signs, several women mean scandal; otherwise, society.

Wood.—Much happiness with someone dear to you, a forthcoming wedding, or a fortunate and favourable event.

Woodpecker.—This bird brings pleasant news from those who live in the country.

Worms.—These warn you of coming misfortune, or of treachery, and evil by secret foes.

Wreath.—This is a symbol of marriage, and of much happiness being in store for you.

🌺☕   X.

🌺☕   Y

Yacht.—This is a favourable sign of increased wealth or happiness.

Yew Tree.—You may expect to attain to a prominent position in life, and to receive a legacy from an aged relative or friend.

🌺☕   Z

Zebra.—Something for which you have long waited is now within sight, but you are likely to be disappointed, for you will find that it was not worth waiting for after all.

Now, you can see your future for yourself, or even be the center of your family and friends gatherings when you do it for them! So go on, brew that cup of tea, and dive into this world full of surprises!


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