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Earth's Sacred Basket

A Moment of Calm - Floral Meditation Tisane (Gift Bottle - 230ml)

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The different herbs and leaves used in teas all hold medicinal properties and can have profound effects on the physical, emotional and energetic body.
Just like a crystal can influence our energy and vibrations, so too can herbs and plants.

We all know how therapeutic and calming it can be to take a walk in nature, so imagine the effects when we take a sip of nature straight into our being.

Moment of Calm, Floral Meditation Tisane, a blend of Green Tea, Passion Flower, Scullcap, Jasmine and Rose Petals, Giving a wonderfully pleasant taste of divine florals blended with Green Tea. This blend may assist you in moments to connect with oneself doing wonders for your wellbeing.

*Includes 5 x Drawstring Teabags
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