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Earth's Sacred Basket

Green Tea, Peppermint and Lemon Verbena

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When it comes to the best tea you can drink, Green tea, is top of the list..
Our tea blend is 100% natural, with no added preservatives, or colorants.
Did you know that green tea is considered a superfood? A lot of hype surrounds this antioxidant-rich ingredient, and rightly so. 
The aroma of the Peppermint helps to relax muscles and improve headache pain
The same properties that help reduce tension and stress can calm the body and mind and help one prepare for a good night's sleep. 
The addition of Lemon verbena to our blend is rich in melatonin, a hormone in our bodies that increases as night approaches to a good night's rest.

*Includes 5 x Drawstring Teabags
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