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Earth's Sacred Basket

Earth's Sacred Golden Blend

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If you aren’t yet familiar with this wonder drink,

We are excited for the vibrant, spicy world that is about to open up to you. 

Tumeric Tea, Golden milk, or haldi ka doodh, actually dates back thousands of years in Ayurvedic tradition where it has been used to aid digestion and respiration, prevent colds and flu, decongest the liver, ease sprained muscles and joint pain, purify the blood, clear the skin, and aid sleep.

The main ingredient in golden milk responsible for all of this awesomeness is the curcumin in turmeric, a compound that is responsible for its vibrant hue. Curcumin has been widely studied for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but it also supports detoxification, helps balance blood sugar, and lowers the overall risk of cancer.

The most important thing to remember when making golden milk is to not overheat the spices, as they will become bitter-tasting and therefore not all that enjoyable. If you choose to use milk, warm it gently on the stove, then remove from heat and gently whisk in the Golden blend.

If you’re going with water, do NOT pour boiling water over the spice blend, but instead pour the recently-boiled water into a cup, let it cool for 30 seconds or so, then whisk in the Golden blend. 

- Add your honey and maybe a dash of coconut oil, after you have stirred in your Golden

 *Includes 5 x Drawstring Teabags
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